Better together


VideoPro is a collection of dedicated professionals sharing similar values and work ethic. Each member of our team brings a combination of blended experiences and perspectives, allowing VideoPro to uniquely serve each customer. No matter the size of your project or company, our VideoPro team cares deeply about your success! We’re a happy bunch and love what we do!

The VideoPro- video production crew

Corporate Values


Entrusted with clients’ time, money and ideas, we believe everything matters. In creativity, beauty must be accompanied by function. In strategy, tactics must be accompanied by analysis. Our heart is to provide thoughtful expertise that brings value to the businesses we serve.


We believe in approaching every situation and each person with honesty and integrity. Ours is an attitude of humble realness that begins with communicating in a candid, yet tactful way, for the betterment of our customers.


We believe in the importance of challenging ourselves and investing in change. Continuous learning and improvement are critical to maintaining relevance and putting our customers in a position to succeed.

Our People

Our people are valuable as individuals who complement our lives at work and contribute to customer success. We appreciate and respect our people for who they are. We honor their lives beyond work by being supportive of their unique family and personal needs. It is a joy to share our customers’ success and our company’s financial growth with our people. It’s not “just business.” Our people are far more important.


We believe in the synergy that comes from sharing words, ideas and results. Everyone’s input matters, internally and externally. We listen. We hear. We respect. We get things done together.


We believe in sharing our successes and knowledge to benefit the world around us. Our heart is to generously give our services, time, and money to organizations that operate on the front lines of hardship, providing critical work for humanity.