Your moment through video

Live Event Video

Important occasions provide opportunities for businesses, products and services to shine. Events such as product launches, town halls, trainings, and annual meetings offer valuable interactions with audiences. With these such events, there is a lot of opportunity to enhance the event with video and capture video for ongoing marketing needs.

Event Reels and Support Videos

Whether its a video that pumps the audience up, or supporting stories that help you communicate to your audience, reels and support video can really enhance the event message and experience. With our experience in story telling, the VideoPro team can work with you to deliver interesting moments throughout your event.

Event Content Capture

Events provide us with the opportunity to capture soundbites from sessions, interviews, footage for next years event and more. The VideoPro team can support your team and even help with the planning and creativity to get the most out of your event with video.

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New York Corporate Event

A longstanding client asked us to film a live, two-day event held in downtown New York City. Our team planned to capture several of the sessions for reference and later use, as well as b-roll for various internal and HR videos. We greatly enjoyed working with this client to film their event in a way that captured their vision!

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