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Live Event Video

Important occasions provide opportunities for businesses, products and services to shine. Events such as product launches, town halls, trainings, and annual meetings offer valuable interactions with audiences. With these such events, there is a lot of opportunity to enhance the event with video and capture video for ongoing marketing needs. Our live event services are offered in Portland, Oregon and beyond. Over the years, our customers have sent our team all over the United States to capture video and event footage.

Live Video Streaming

Not everyone can make it to your Live Event in Portland. If you need to communicate to a larger or remote audience, our live streaming service can offer you the expertise you need. From a single camera, to a multi camera production, our streaming service and switching technology can also be used for live recordings and provide editing options for a more refined product later on.

Live Event Reels and Support Videos

Whether its a video that pumps the audience up, or supporting stories that help you communicate to your audience, reels and support video can really enhance the event message and experience. With our experience in story telling, the VideoPro team can work with you to deliver interesting moments throughout your event.

Live Event Content Capture

Events provide us with the opportunity to capture soundbites from sessions, interviews, footage for next years event and more. The VideoPro team can support your team and even help with the planning and creativity to get the most out of your event with video.

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ZOOM+Care Events Q&A Feature

This is one in a series of videos created for ZOOM+Care in 2020. With the opening of new clinics, ZOOM+Care usually hosts a live community event. With the events of the year, all events became virtual. We helped ZOOM+Care create video segments with a little extra polish to include in various live event streams, with content like this that could be slightly modified as needed for different clinic locations. As always, it was a pleasure to work with the ZOOM+Care team!

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