Live Event Streaming and Capture: When the Show Must Go On

Despite the best-laid plans, disruptions to live events can–and do–happen. Circumstances out of our control cancel conferences, meetings, and other important gatherings that have been scheduled and planned for months–sometimes years. And in many cases, costs have already been sunk and resources allocated.

Live event streaming can be an important tool for organizations that want to bring people together when the circumstances won’t allow for it, or aren’t favorable for a large gathering.

Live Event Streaming for Company Meetings

In today’s environment, it’s far less risky and more cost-effective to bring key people together to deliver a message than it is to stage an event for an in-person audience. People won’t need to fly in, event space costs can be minimized. And you’ll have the flexibility to create a professional set that cameras can easily capture, utilizing event space that is already available to create an enjoyable viewing experience for all of your attendees.

Live Event Streaming for Conferences

For conference organizers, the cancellation or rescheduling of an event is simply not an option. Event space has been paid for, flights purchased and speaking engagements paid for. And while having attendees hear content and messaging in person is preferred, sometimes we need to pivot. Though there certainly would be differences in experience, a well-choreographed remote event can still communicate important information in real time. It can also be used for playback later on. In short, live streaming can be an event-saver.

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