Kicking It Up a Notch: The Airefco Dealer Meeting Live Event

When it comes to our live event services, we are always on the lookout for ways to take a project to the next level, without breaking the bank. Sometimes that means taking a different approach to a live event, or finding creative ways to get the best production value.

When Airefco–one of the top HVAC distributors in the nation–asked us to provide video production services at their annual dealer meeting for the third year in a row, the VideoPro team was excited. It was an opportunity to help contribute to an important live event for Airefco, and elevate the standard we had collectively established.

The Airefco marketing team needed help integrating video into the live event. They had two, two day events planned, and they wanted variety beyond speakers talking on stage. The events needed to flow, change pace and stay interesting. The Airefco marketing team also wanted help capturing footage of the events to use later on in video marketing pieces and “save the date” communications for the coming year.

Telling the Dealers’ Stories

VideoPro camera operator standing in a lift filming a Bryant technician working on an AC unit above a small business building interior doorway

The theme of this year’s event was “adapt,” highlighting the importance of adaptation and change to survive, grow and flourish as a business. Our team began to think: each dealer had a story to tell about how they changed and adapted throughout their histories to become the most successful and respected in their industry. Showcasing those stories felt like a strong, heartfelt way to kick off key moments of the event.

So we got to work. We scripted, shot, produced and edited four introductory videos to show over the course of the event. We filmed an introduction from Airefco’s CEO, JK Hussa, as a way to open the event and set the tone. For the dealers’ stories, we decided to go bold and shoot the videos documentary-style. No teleprompter, no script. Just the dealers telling their stories of growth and change as they lived it.

Maximizing Value for our Partners

VideoPro camera operator filming in an office with a slider next to a teleprompter

As a way of saying thank you to the dealers for being so generous with their valuable time, we also wrote scripts and shot footage for four marketing videos they could use however they wished. For each dealer, we were able to shoot both the event video and the promo video with a two-person crew in one day.

Capturing the Event

video camera in the back of an event room with a large Bryant logo on the screen in front of a crowd of people at an Airefco dealer meeting

Our team provided video services at the event, as well. It took place over two days at the beautiful Hyatt Regency in Seattle. While the event was ongoing, our team:

  • Shot footage of the participants, breakout sessions, speakers, and venue views, primarily using the gimbal for the most dynamic, interesting shots.
  • Shot footage in 4K for longer-lasting, high production value.
  • Edited the footage we captured on-site for daily recap montage videos, shown at the end of each day while the participants were eating dinner.
  • Per special request, we filmed one of the main sessions featuring a keynote speaker, providing Airefco with footage of the session for future use.

We’re so grateful to Airefco for once again letting us be a part of this fantastic event. The two days were a huge success. We’re also happy to have the opportunity to document Airefco’s own adaptation and evolution as they continue to move their company forward into the future.

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Rachel Koehler

As the producer for VideoPro, Rachel coordinates all our client projects. Her background includes commercial video production, drone piloting, and chocolate making. She loves working with people and learning something new every day.