BTS: The Beauty of a Warehouse

Sometimes a location can make all the difference in how a video turns out. Coming into a project, an out of the box approach to brainstorming can make a huge difference. For a recent client video, we chose to shoot in a large warehouse. The warehouse stored many pieces of large machinery and equipment, making for a space that didn’t look appealing in the traditional sense. However, we saw an opportunity.

The gritty scene provided the space for exactly what we wanted to portray. Large pieces of machinery provided reflective surfaces to bounce light off of. The rows of equipment also provided depth and texture for the background.

Lighting The Scene

In addition to the look, we had plenty of space to set up how we wanted without lighting constraints. We were able to set up 5 lights to give our shot a great look, with enough space for a lighting setup that helped make the subject “pop” in the scene.

While a given location may not look like much at first, a little lighting can make it look pretty amazing. Often the best location isn’t the most obvious. In this case, the warehouse provided the potential we needed to capture exactly what we needed.

Choosing Cameras

For this shoot, we used the Sony FS7 for our main camera, and a FS5 on a gimbal as our second camera. We chose the gimbal to step away from the traditional b-camera on a tripod, and add some interesting movement. Between the two cameras, we were able to capture a look with interest and the exact mood we were looking for.

Bringing Together The Pieces

Location matters. Lighting matters. Camera choices matter. For our warehouse shoot, we made each choice intentionally. And in this shoot, every choice, from the location to the cameras, came from one common goal: making the customer look cool.

About the Author

Lance Fisher

As the founder of VideoPro, Lance works with customers to make their video projects a success. With experience in video production, communications and marketing, Lance can help VideoPro customers get the most out of their projects.