VideoPro partners with the HWH Coalition to create an effective message

The High Wide and Heavy Corridor (HWH) coalition–a group of organizations in the shipping and transportation industries–had a big goal: to create a multi-modal route that would allow for companies to ship cargo to and from North America through the Columbia River ports. They knew that building this route would provide a big opportunity for economic development in the Pacific Northwest. It would also prevent shippers from losing out on important business opportunities, saving them time and money by giving them the ability to reliably move about the region.

But gaining the traction around the regulatory reform and infrastructure improvement that would be needed for this project required HWH to be able to quickly communicate to key stakeholders who they were, what they did, and why it mattered to the region

Delivering The HWH Message

The goal was to create an engaging video that would allow HWH to communicate the value of this route with stakeholders, governments, and legislators in a concise and impactful way.

Since the budget was tight, our team was committed to finding ways to keep costs down and maximizing value for an exceptional end product. Fortunately, the organizations in the HWH coalition had a lot of video assets at their disposal. VideoPro was happy and willing to work with HWH to find cost-saving solutions, including the use of this pre-existing footage as b-roll for a fantastic backdrop for the coalition’s message.

The Process

Our team offered comprehensive services for the video’s production. We quickly and affordably pulled together every element, including:

  • Collaboration on a script that reflected the nuances of the shipping industry
  • Interviewing and filming coalition members
  • Providing a teleprompter, so nobody had to worry about memorizing lines and could focus on delivering the message
  • Creating on-screen graphics
  • Animating and enhancing existing visual assets
  • Editing interviews and b-roll footage together into the final product
  • Creating a version of the video to be used as a webpage background
  • Creating a version of the video that could be used at conventions and events to communicate HWH’s message without audio

The members of the High Wide and Heavy Corridor coalition were very pleased with the end result. They were an engaged, responsive and wonderful group to collaborate with. We’re so glad to have had the opportunity to support their efforts and goals as they continue to work for the economic development of the Pacific Northwest.

About the Author

Lance Fisher

As the founder of VideoPro, Lance works with customers to make their video projects a success. With experience in video production, communications and marketing, Lance can help VideoPro customers get the most out of their projects.