Smarsh’s Corporate Intro Video

Smarsh is a leading compliance and e-discovery software provider for government agencies and financial institutions worldwide. A while back, Smarsh’s marketing team had a great vision for a corporate introduction video. However, they needed a video production partner to pull the pieces together. We were grateful for the opportunity to partner with them to bring the project to life!

A Collaborative Process

Smarsh is dedicated to getting them done right. While their compliance and e-discovery software has a wide range of depth and complexity, Smarsh wanted to boil down a high-level picture of their solutions into a brief and easy to understand video.

We worked closely with Smarsh throughout the entire process, from script development to the finessing of the final edit. It was a great collaborative experience, and a pleasure to work with the creative and talented team from Smarsh.

Once we finalized the script, we recorded high-resolution screen captures of Smarsh’s products in action, matched up with the timing of the narration. Prior to this, we decided that while showing these screen captures was essential to our video goals, we wanted to give them a human context. To add the human element, we used stock footage to introduced the screen capture segments. In the stock footage, we replaced the screens in the stock footage with our Smarsh screen captures.

To further explain the context of the Smarsh solution, we also assembled and animated graphics to be used throughout the video. Each piece was intentionally and collaboratively crafted to communicate specific messages to resonate with the users of Smarsh software. In the end, all of the pieces came together for a concise and purposeful video that we are proud to have helped create. Now, we are thrilled to join forces with Smarsh in the near future to help with the production of ongoing video content.

About the Author

Lance Fisher

As the founder of VideoPro, Lance takes on various production roles depending on the client. As a director, executive producer and even script writer, Lance has experience in a variety of aspects of video production, working for many different types of clients.