Corporate Overview Video for MCNW

VideoPro and Marketing Concepts Northwest (MCNW) recently partnered together to produce a corporate overview video as part of their newly-built, newly-rebranded website.

MCNW is developing and expanding their digital presence as a manufacturer’s representative that serves brands not only in traditional retail stores, but also through online retailers such as Amazon. In the process of evolving their digital footprint, they decided a video on their website would be a great opportunity to put faces to MCNW’s brand, and showcase who they are as an organization.


Script writing: Our team wrote the script for the minute-and-a-half-long video, making sure it reflected what MCNW wanted to communicate about themselves as a business in a simple and meaningful way.

Equipment: We provided a teleprompter for the clients featured in the video, and set up all lighting equipment for the shoot.

Quality: The video was shot in 4k, allowing us to reframe the shot while only needing to utilize one camera. This helped keep crew size to a minimum.

Editing: To keep the project as cost-efficient as possible, we purchased stock footage b-roll. To give the footage a little something extra, we added graphics to the b-roll for a cohesive feel. We also used screen capture technology to provide additional b-roll of MCNW at work.

Timeline: The video was shot on-site at MCNW headquarters in a half-day.


From writing the script to the final edit, we had our eye on producing a video that gave a clear view into MCNW’s brand and the value of their business.

The finished product was a home run for MCNW:

“The VideoPro team came into our offices fully prepared to run the video. All the appropriate lighting was set up. It was very simple. The script was very easy to follow. It reflected what we really wanted to say about our business. The end result is a…video that we’re really pleased with. It really came out well, and it really tells the story about why someone should seek us out and hire us.”
– Ron Brake, Vice President of MCNW

It was a pleasure working with MCNW on this project, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the expansion of their digital footprint and help tell the MCNW story.

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Lance Fisher

As the founder of VideoPro, Lance works with customers to make their video projects a success. With experience in video production, communications and marketing, Lance can help VideoPro customers get the most out of their projects.