Ways to Maximize the Value of Panel Discussion Footage

Panel discussions are a staple for many events. They’re a fantastic way to showcase thought leadership and industry expertise. There’s a lot of value to get from a panel–but that value doesn’t have to be limited to just a live or in-person audience.

Filming a panel gives you the option for info-rich footage that can be used in many useful ways, long after the panel is over.

Whether it’s filmed at a live event or on a closed set, this footage offers the possibility of unique content with a lot of mileage–a valuable asset for any business.

Filming Panels: A Rich Source of Marketing Content

Panels are full of opportunities for excellent content. They can deep-dive into relevant topics, feature back-and-forth dialogue and showcase multiple perspectives.

When you film these sessions, you can take advantage of a ton of content that is then able to be used on multiple platforms and marketing channels.

  • Unique Soundbites

    Panel format has the benefit of featuring one speaker at a time, and it’s naturally broken up into easily-usable sections. This makes for a great opportunity to use quick, interesting soundbites for social media channels or blog posts.

  • Launch points for longer content pieces

    Clips from panel discussions can set up or enhance a written post. They can be broken up into segments or edited to different lengths to accompany blog posts or to promote thought leadership.

Live Streaming Panels

Another opportunity for getting the most out of panels is by live streaming the discussion to audiences that can’t attend the event in-person. This is especially helpful when it’s not possible to hold a traditional event with a large gathering of people.

Audiences can tune in via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or a secure streaming platform. It’s a great way to extend the reach of your event when attending live is not an option. You don’t have to just stream one discussion, either. There are plenty of benefits for live streaming an entire event, as well.

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